Small Green Homes!

Updated: Jun 17

Before !

After Finished !

Small Green Homes? Well we have taken portable buildings that are approved in the United States of America and we‘re converting them into Small Green Homes! The main reason we call it a smart green tiny home, is because it's going to be Google and Alexa ready. With many great features added such as: a solar decomposing toilet, outside surrounding LED lights and sensors, a solar camera Wi-Fi, with a code locking system for the front door. Our units are Hurricane proof up to 150 MPH winds, and have very strong doors. We also have an Air to Water System that creates drinking water that's made fresh from the air daily! 3D Epoxy floors and countertops, ready with a kitchen, water heater, refrigerator, and so much more! We're offering our Smart Green Tiny Homes to the public at an incredible low price, to try to help to make Green Living as affordable as possible!

Pistolaum Solutions! Http://www.SmartGreenTinyHomes.Com

Have a Great Green Day Many Blessings! 🤠