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Typically, cars produce more pollution to the air. In most developed countries, it will be shocking to know vehicles actually produce up to 1/3 of all air pollution.The toxins they produces are dangerous to us humans and other living things in our ecosystem. Most persons try as much as they can to reduce their carbon footprint by doing their best to reduce the number of cars on the road. They do this by taking public transport as it reduces the amount of pollution in the air. There are a lot of benefits for using more bikes and less cars and you need to challenge yourself to ride a bike more than driving.

E-Star Green Bike

Mental Health

Cycling aid's your brains cognition and function. Generally speaking. It is a proper form of exercise even though it serves as a means of transportation to schools or your office. Cycling also helps your problem solving skills and recollection

Physical Exercise

Bike riding makes you use your own muscle power as you move towards your destination. You may think driving your car gets you to your destination more quickly. While that is true, your body is idle as you sit there. For people with obesity, getting exercise how you can and when you can is important. When you ride a bike, you strength your muscles, burn calories, and lower your blood pressure.

Saves You Cash

Owning a bike is way cheaper than going to the gym as with a bike you can save up on gym membership. When you own a bike, you also save up on gas/transportation money as you can easily move from one location to another for free.

Maintains A Healthy Environment

Biking helps maintain a healthy environment as you do not emit any harmful pollution when you ride. With a bike, you are helping our ecosystem and in addition it requires less energy and materials to manufacture a bike than a car.

E-Star Green Bike

At pistolatum, with our E-Star green bike you can go anywhere knowing you are deliberately contributing to maintaining a healthier ecosystem. No need to worry about buying a regular bike, using a bike share program to gain access to a bike, or vehicle that emits pollution for us to breath. We offer quality energy-efficient and sustainable product. You can check our shop section to find out more in details about our energy products.
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