Solar Green Tiny Homes, Cozy, Portable and Affordable

These tiny portable homes are perfect for any get away. Attach them to your vehicle for cross country travels, park it in your back yard as a guest house or even a cabin in the woods. All of our tiny homes come equipped with our green energy solutions giving you power no matter where you are.

From Air to Drinking Water?

This technology is the solution to alleviate the world’s water crisis. This breakthrough is now available and affordable to everyone. These machines produce pure drinking water from the atmosphere. Humidity from the air is captured by the unit, then converted into pure healthy drinking water. The Comparison to drinking tap or bottled water, which is referred to as dead water (containing very little oxygen), where as the water in our systems are referred to as “Live” water, it is 100% oxygenated water. We also have Green Financing Available. 



We are a top quality USA made liquid polymer manufacturing company. Products can be used in decorative coatings, concrete repair compounds and a wide range of chip, quartz and broadcast systems giving years of beautiful surface protection. Our continued product development is based on decades of on-site experience, therefore offering helpful practical advice and delivering economical solutions to fulfill the varied needs of our customers. A commitment to keeping right up with “state of the art” technology, places  as a market leader. The resins and ingredients used in our coatings and pigment systems are sourced from leading manufacturers globally. Our product range has been thoroughly proven over years of onsite applications and a long list of satisfied customers. Products are manufactured and sourced to stringent quality control standards. Key  products undergo constant tests to improve the formulations to increase the performance of the products. This guarantees the quality of our products is up to the standard that customers expect. Warehouse and distribution facility maintain large stocks to ensure fulfillment levels and fast order turnaround.

Smart Green Generators

Store the power of the Sun in this easy to use unit. Equipped with an app to tell you your energy levels. 1800 watts of power giving you sustainable energy. Plug in multiple devices with no problem. No gas or oil ever needed! Perfect for emergency situations such as natural disasters.     


The Magnetic Generator is complex system with an organized structural arrangement of permanent magnets, bifilar coils and PCB controller with a specially designed software that's used to generate and dispense electrical energy. The drum of the Magnetic Generator consists of a rotor with neodymium rear-earth permanent magnets and a stator with copper-wired bifilar coils.  The device is able to operate in autonomous mode and maintain its RPM regardless of amount of useful energy being consumed. The composition of the drum of the generator is designed for the rotor to rotate indefinitely as long as energy of interaction between permanent magnets and bifilar coils are collected. Energy 24 hours a day!