Green Product Solutions 

Our Green Powered Generators are a great source of energy provide long lasting power. A perfect option for your outdoor activities. Can be used with Solar or Wind Energy.

Customize your tiny home today. Including our alternative energy package depending on your needs. Financing and Investment opportunities available!


Save money, energy and the planet with our variety of solar panels to meet your energy needs. Get free Energy from the sun.

Experience the taste of fresh clean water produced by air. An amazing technology to end our worlds drinking water problems. Pistolatum Professionals provide a high-quality Air to Drinking water dispensers. Fresh Free drinking water daily.  

Wind turbine and vertical wind energy solutions provide your family or business the cost savings you deserve. With wind Energy have 24 Hrs. of Power!

A cleaner, greener way to get around. The E-Star Bike is affordable, stylish smooth ride. Let's Reach the Stars and Be Greener Together  

Our Expertise Epoxy Team provide stunning flooring and cabinetry to any home or business. Get a quote now!