Special 1800 Watts Green Generator!

12 Volts, 1800 Watts and 100 amps hours of power at short circuit current and 1150 watts High capacity

Expandable system.

DC to AC Converter
Solar Power Battery Controller
Two (2) DC Standard Outlets
One (1) UPC Standard Outlet Port
Multiple AC Outlets
LED Display

Select the solar panel watt size 
High efficiency with a charge time of less than 4 hours
Perfect for Apartment Owners - It will fit in most windows!         

(Warranty on Solar Panels non fiscal damage 25 Years! Other Components on the Unit has 2 Year warranty on non-fiscal damages. Batteries have a 4 year warranty on non-fiscal damages)

" Special with a Purchase of a Green Power Generator you get a Free 100 Watts Solar Panel With Your Discount Code"

Find out how many Watts of Electricity you use per hour?


Quiet, Portable Power Green Generators!

Quite No Oil or Gas Ever Needed!